Frequently Asked Questions​

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Getting Started

How do I get started?

To get started, call us at 817-600-4133, or request a quote online. We’ll send someone to survey your yard within two business days.

Why should I invest in a turf lawn?

The condition of a grass lawn relies on circumstances outside your control: the weather, your pets, and everyday life. A turf lawn eliminates uncontrollable factors like mud, holes, and even some pests. Turf allows you to have your dream lawn, every day, with no upkeep!

What locations do you service?

We are located in the DFW area, but we service Fort Worth, Dallas, Austin, Houston, and Lubbock.


What sets Artisan Turf apart from competitors?

Our products and methods surpass industry standard, which means our turf quality is far above average:

  • We use 2.5–3 pounds of infill per square foot, compared to the 1–1.5 pounds of competitors. This ensures a longer-lasting product that won’t matte down quickly.
  • Lawn fabric, which is used to block out weeds, comes standard on all our installations.
  • Our products feature COOLFLO technology, which keeps your surfaces 15 degrees cooler than any other artificial turf product on the market.
Is your turf durable?

We build every lawn on a deep, 4–6 inch stable base, built to last. Nature inspires every element of our product, from strategically placed invisible seams, to the position of the turf’s grass grain.

Which grass is right for me?

We offer over 15 landscape turf products to fit your unique vision. Our experts will help you determine the best fit for your needs at your consultation.

What kind of maintenance is required after installation?
That’s the beauty of a turf lawn. No maintenance or upkeep necessary!
Is turf a good option for residential landscapes?

We install turf at many personal residencies. We promise to uniquely design your yard to match your priorities, landscape, and lifestyle.

What kinds of areas does Artisan Turf service?
We install turf for residential lawns, pet-occupied surfaces, putting greens, and commercial business spaces.


How long does installation take?

Our turf experts will perform a field survey no more than two business days after you submit a request. Once you review and accept our quote, installation will begin within two weeks and last 1–3 days.


Is a turf lawn affordable?

Our customers usually save money over time when they invest in a turf lawn. Most homeowners spend roughly $100–$200 per month on basic lawn care (mowing and watering), not to mention specialty treatments like leaf removal, weeding, and fertilization. Your turf lawn will quickly become worth the investment.

Will artificial turf increase the value of my property?

A perfectly manicured lawn drastically increases the curb appeal of a property. It’s estimated that homes with high curb appeal sell for 5-11% more than homes with an unappealing exterior.